Welcome to ECHO-North America where we provide the newest, most technologically advanced biofeedback system available in the industry.  We are committed to creating the opportunity for vibrant health through the widespread use of bioenergetics technology.


Bioenergetics, quantum physics, and a deeper understanding of the Body Electric has enhanced biofeedback as a technique to identify and manage stress through the measurement of physiological reactivity.  The process relies on the same theory as the technology of CAT scans, the MRI or Ultra-sound.  Using mild electrical stimulation, the device measures the skin’s response as the key to evaluating both physiological and emotional wellness.  The information gleaned from this process provides invaluable guidance about areas of imbalance that can be addressed to manage stress and pain relief more effectively.

The technology provided by ECHO goes beyond classic biofeedback processes. Classic biofeedback helps educate clients on a conscious level. The systems provided by ECHO communicate directly with an individual’s stress patterns, using micro-current stimulation to encourage balance in the Body Electric by fostering retraining on an unconscious level. What results is highly individualized, non-toxic and non-invasive stress intervention that clears the way for vital, positive lifestyle changes and promotes optimum health overall.

ECHO-North America: advancing the widespread professional use of Bioenergetics
technology as the key to unlocking  quantum health and freedom for every individual.