For the Professional Practitioner

ECHO-North America’s Biofeedback Systems give healthcare and wellness practitioners the ultimate tools for providing their clients with the education, empowerment and relaxation techniques they require.

  • Our systems provide an accurate assessment tool, offering valuable clues to address the stressors most impacting a client without the use of toxic medication or invasive measures. The EDUCATOR enables individualized, effective stress management intervention. The EDUCTOR, our most advanced system, offers a vast array of additional programs and highly sensitive technology that promotes even more specialized stress intervention.
  • Educate their clients about the damaging impacts of stress and encourage positive lifestyle changes.
  • Increase your efficacy, productivity and your ability to better serve your clients/patients, by having accurate information as to what is going on in the human body, mind and spirit at any given time.
  • Our Educator Biofeedback System offers an additional flow of income to your practice.  Many health care professionals are recognizing the advantages of biofeedback and drugless therapies.  More and more insurance companies are approving coverage.

For the Experienced Sales Professional

Represent the finest, most advanced and most accurate Biofeedback technology presently available on planet earth.  Work with a team of like minded thinkers who have similar objectives in life. To service humanity with this technology….click to continue


Professional Practitioners using out technology includes:

  • Doctors, Dentists and Nurse Practitioners
  • Practitioners, Clinicians and Therapists from a wide array of complementary modalities
  • Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors and Mental Health Clinicians
  • Olympic Athletes, Professional Trainers and Coaches
  • Veterinarians
  • Health professionals of all modalities