The Eductor Biofeedback System

The Eductor Biofeedback System is the most advanced technology of its kind available today.  The system has new modern Hi-Tech features for today’s Biofeedback Specialist.   It offers three more technologically advanced Signal Generators compared to the one old fashioned signal generator of the previous versions of the technology.  This three stimulation system allows for a full 3 Dimensional Scalar Field and increased stimulation versatility.  This will allow much greater precision, range and effectiveness of TVEP, ETM and Scalar Wave Function.  In addition, Amplitude of the generators can be set separately for all of them.

The scientific digital Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface behind the technology has been improved in the Eductor. The major improvements to the Eductor include a dedicated ECG, EEG, GSR and EMG sensors with improved disturbance filtering. The sensitivity is 20 times more sensitive than previously available.

The Eductor has a full large video touch screen for movie and biofeedback display, with a resolution of 640×480 and an external size of 118 x 89 mm.

In summary, using today’s chip technology and the Quantum Xrroid Technology, we have a much improved medical device to help with educating your patient’s body electric to increase wellness.

Progress, Evolution, Technology today … the EDUCTOR!



Top Plate: 5-5/8" x 3-1/2"
Power Source: USB Connector
One USB connector and Four Banana Connectors On Rear of unit along with power switch One male and one female DB9 connectors on unit which connect to EKG style wrist-straps and head bands LCD mounted on front powered by board for product ID only.
Dimensions: 9.75” x 2.5” x 7”
Weight: 2 lb