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ECHO-North America is proud to provide the most thorough training package available in North America today.  We are committed to supporting our new practitioners with the knowledge to truly benefit from their investment by developing the skills needed to effectively utilize this amazing technology. 

About The Quantum Academies 

The culmination of educating thousands of biofeedback system users, The Quantum Academies has developed training programs specifically for practitioners who operate the Eductor64 and Clasp32 software for biofeedback systems including the Eductor, Educator and SCIO. The Quantum Academies traces its roots to the design of protocols and instructional manuals for the QXCI device, precursor to the SCIO, and later to the establishment of the standardized certification training for biofeedback practitioners. The program became well established through a network of training classes for practitioners at all levels held in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  The program, which meets all requirements for biofeedback certification, consists of five courses, including Beginners, Biofeedback, Coaching, Anatomy and Advanced practice.   Upon completion of our training program, students have the knowledge to become Certified Biofeedback Technicians or Certified Biofeedback Specialists.  Certification qualifies our graduates to incorporate biofeedback services into their practices; establish new biofeedback practices; and use biofeedback to help family members and themselves.  As the software for these biofeedback systems evolves, the training courses for these programs are updated to reflect the latest software advances. With its comprehensive training program and current updates to the latest software, The Quantum Academies is the worldwide leader in biofeedback training for Eductor64, setting the standard for training the world over.